Spring Time!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

We have some important dates coming up!

With Spring time just around the corner, we have several events we invite everyone to join. If you have questions about anything contact us below and let us know.

April 20 (Saturday)

Opening of the Opelika Community Garden for 2018

Local residents will be able to lease plots in the garden. O Grows will also be holding a student farmers market. Students from the alternative school who work at O Grows, along with COE Professors Sean Forbes and Hannah Baggett, will be on hand to sell the produce and wood-crafts that they have produced this year. (We had our first student farmers market in March and it was amazing to see what the students can do…one of the young made almost $100 for himself.) For more information visit our Community Garden page.

May 4 (Saturday)

O Grows Plant Sale at Garden in the Park. ( The event will be held from 8 AM-3 PM at the Opelika Municipal Park. This will be a major fundraiser for us. Grows will be selling annuals and perennials that we have grown out in our greenhouse (with the help of our OLC students and our paid student interns).

May 14 (Tuesday)

Kick off of the 2018 O Grows Farmers Market season.

The market will be in operation each Tuesday from 3 PM-6 PM through the end of August. The market features produce, honey, baked goods, and artisan crafts by 15+ local farmers, value-added producers, and artists. For more information see our Farmers Market page.

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