youth programs

School Garden Programs

Over the years, O Grows has built large-scale installations and offered garden programming at:


  • Southview Primary

  • Northside Intermediate

  • West Forest Intermediate

  • Morris Avenue Intermediate

  • Opelika Middle School

  • Opelika Learning Center


Faculty, staff and students worked together to design and install the sites. We worked with each school to address their interests and needs through our programs.


O Grows continues to support school garden programs in the area. Currently, we focus our resources on working with students at the Opelika Learning Center (an alternative school for Opelika City Schools). We hold a food systems class every school day, either on campus or at our community garden. We give students the opportunity to gain practical skills while learning about vegetable production, food insecurity and the importance of community involvement.

Student Intern Program

Through our student intern program, O Grows employs 5-10 students (aged 14-18) from the Opelika Learning Center at $10/hr. Interns receive career-ready training in vegetable production, warehouse management and food preparation by assisting O Grows staff. Our student interns work with projects, such as garden maintenance and animal care, and are a key part of our program’s success.


All training for student interns reflects Alabama College and Career Ready Standards, and our student intern program is funded by grants received through Auburn University’s Office of the Vice-President for Outreach.

Lee County Juvenile Justice Community Service Program

O Grows welcomes individuals who are referred by the Lee County Department of Juvenile Probation (LCDJP) to complete their community service requirement.


You can complete your community service hours at our community garden (1103 Glenn St. in Opelika) on Saturdays from 8-12 and by appointment. For more information, please call the numbers listed for Sean and Susan Forbes at the bottom of this page.


Referred individuals work with garden and animal area maintenance and/or assist vendors and customers at the farmers market.  Individuals who show the potential to effectively complete the assigned work and are recommended by the LCDJP can be offered part-time employment with O Grows once they complete their required community service commitment.


Please call Susan (334-744-1191) or Sean (334-750-2215) for more information.